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Why Install a Commercial Rooftop Unit?

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

AC-Technician-at workIf you’re taking on the task of providing heating and cooling for a commercial space, you know that finding the best unit for your space proves to be difficult. There are many variables to consider when choosing what HVAC system is right for your business. Commercial HVAC is fundamentally the same as residential HVAC, but there are certain aspects that need precise attention because the heating, cooling, and ventilation are all happening on such a large scale.

Commercial rooftop units provide comfort, convenience, and flexibility. If you’re looking to install a commercial rooftop unit, look no further than DuAll Heating & Cooling. We provide the best commercial HVAC in Naperville, IL.

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Why Should I Choose a Commercial Rooftop Unit?

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Owning a commercial property of any kind comes with a few basic responsibilities, in addition to those of actually running your business. Among the most important, of course, is maintaining a comfortable environment in your property all year long. Failure to do so can leave you with a prickly workforce and clientele that aren’t likely to frequent your space. We offer light commercial services to help you avoid such issues, including the installation and servicing of rooftop units.

Rooftop units in Bolingbrook, IL are quite popular. They can also prove quite beneficial. This will only be the case, though, when the are installed and serviced by skilled, trained professionals.

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What Is a Rooftop Unit?

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Understanding your options when it comes to commercial air conditioners just makes good business sense. Whether you are installing for the first time or need to replace a poorly performing, dated system, you need to know which system will give you the most for your money. The commercial HVAC experts at Duall Heating and Cooling can help you review your options, one of which is a rooftop unit.

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Commercial HVAC Tip: Getting Your Rooftop Unit Ready for Winter

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Routine maintenance in the fall is a vital part of keeping your commercial rooftop HVAC system working properly throughout the winter. It can also help to maintain efficiency and ensure optimal performance levels. For commercial rooftop HVAC professional maintenance services, call DuAll Heating & Cooling. We can help prevent equipment failure and costly repairs with an annual tune-up.

We also offer maintenance programs for our commercial clients to help you budget for your yearly maintenance visit. Now is the ideal time to schedule your rooftop unit check-up. Doing this in the fall allows our technicians to catch any problems before they affect your entire system.

When we visit your commercial business, there are many important tasks that we perform to ensure that the overall performance and efficiency is up to par. Our qualified technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire system with the following checklist:

  • Check heat exchanger on gas-powered systems
  • Inspect gas piping for leaks or other issues
  • Check the electrical wiring
  • Inspect ductwork for holes, cracks, or other damage
  • Make any necessary repairs and lube parts
  • Measure airflow for optimal performance
  • Test thermostat and efficiency levels
  • Test electrical and safety controls
  • Replace worn or broken parts

Calling DuAll Heating & Cooling for a fall tune-up is one of the best things you can do for your commercial heating system. Rooftop units require the work of a Romeoville commercial HVAC specialist, and that’s what we are. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Air Conditioning Question: What is a Rooftop Unit?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Rooftop units tend to be used in commercial buildings for both air conditioning and heating purposes.  As light commercial HVAC specialists in Bolingbrook, DuAll Heating & Cooling works with rooftop units for a variety of businesses in the area, so call us today if you are interested in installation or repair.

Rooftop units are specially designed heating and air conditioning systems that are placed on the rooftops of commercial structures.  They both cool and heat larger buildings such as retail storefronts, office spaces, strip malls, and even warehouses.  Rooftop units can include a wide selection of special features such as high-end filtration systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and even the option of solar panels for a much higher level of energy-efficiency.

Commercial rooftop air conditioning and heating units are usually housed in one cabinet that conditions the cooled or heated air.  An air handler then pushes that air through an intricate series of ducts which are usually run between floors, or behind walls.  As the air moves at a uniform speed and is well-balanced throughout the ducts, each room with a vent will receive the proper amount of air that has been preset by the HVAC thermostat.

Rooftop units are designed to be dependable, working all year long to make the various indoor workspaces comfortable to be in.   They can provide cooled and heated air with one single unit, but there are also separate rooftop AC and rooftop heating units that are then connected to the same ventilation and ductwork system.

DuAll Heating & Cooling is a light commercial HVAC company in Bolingbrook that understands the intricacies of rooftop units and can help you through rooftop AC installation, repair or maintenance.  Contact DuAll Heating and Cooling today!

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