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Bolingbrook, IL Dryer Vent Cleaning

DuAll Heating & Cooling - Dryer Vent Cleaning

Having a washer and dryer for your home is a tremendous convenience, eliminating the hassle of taking long trips to the laundromat whenever you need to clean your clothes and linens. However, there are some important maintenance tasks connected to a residential washer and dryer. The most important of these is making sure that the dryer vent receives regular cleaning to eliminate the lint that accumulates over many loads of wash. A clogged dryer vent and hose will affect how well the dryer operates, and it is also a potential fire hazard.

To keep your home safe and your dryer effective, call DuAll Heating & Cooling to arrange for routine dryer cleaning. We have a long history of service in Bolingbrook, IL and the other southwest suburbs of Chicago. We offer quality and affordability on every job we do, and our service team is fully certified and trained to work on ventilation systems.

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Important

There are two main reasons that your dryer needs to have its vent cleaned of lint on a regular basis: system efficiency and safety.

  • Efficiency: Each time you place a new load of clothes or linens into the dryer, you must remove the lint from the lint catcher. Otherwise, the dryer will struggle to draw the moist, hot air away from the clothes and they will not dry fast enough. A clogged dryer vent causes the same problem, only on a larger scale. If the dryer cannot vent out heat effectively, it will need to run longer and longer to finish its job. This will make the dryer a money– and time–waster.
  • Safety: The lint from clothing and linens is highly flammable, which is why campers often take it along on trips as a way to rapidly get campfires burning. If enough of this lint clogs a dryer hose and vent, the heat will cause the lint to ignite. Thousands of house fires in the country start this way. Cleaning out the dryer vent removes a major fire hazard from your home.

How to Tell It’s Time for Dryer Vent Cleaning

How often do you need to have the dryer vent professionally cleaned? It’s different for every home, because it depends on how often you use the dryer. There are some signs to watch for that will warn you that you’re overdue for it. The first is when you find that your clothes are still damp after running a load when this previously never was a problem.

You might also notice that your power bills are going up because the dryer is drawing on more energy (either electrical or gas). Finally, if the exterior of the dryer is hot to the touch—something you haven’t noticed before—it means heat is not effectively venting outdoors. Time to call on professionals!

Depend on Us for Dryer Vent Cleaning

The dryer vent is a type of ventilation system, and home ventilation systems are something we know all about here at DuAll Heating & Cooling. We have over 14 years of history working on heating, air conditioning, and ventilation in Bolingbrook, IL and the surrounding areas. We can take care of cleaning your dyer vent whenever you need it done. Call our offices to arrange this service today, and we’ll help you set up a regular schedule for dryer vent cleaning in the future. Let us put our experience to work for you!