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Energy Recovery Ventilators in Bolingbrook and Surrounding Areas

DuAll Heating & Cooling - Energy Recovery Ventilators

Replenish Household Air Without Losing Energy

Getting the most from your home’s HVAC system, means conserving heat in the winter, and keeping the hot air out in the summer. That means keeping the windows closed and making sure that your Bolingbrook or Naperville home is well insulated. But it also means that very little fresh air actually enters your home. So how do you prevent the interior air from becoming stale without running up your heating and cooling bills?

The most cost effective way is with an energy recovery ventilator. With an energy recovery ventilator installed by DuAll Heating & Cooling, the air inside your Bolingbrook, Naperville, Plainfield, and Romeoville home will remain fresh and comfortable year round, without driving up your heating and cooling bills.

Efficient Energy Recovery is the Key

Energy recovery ventilators work like traditional exhaust fans or ventilation systems by pulling fresh air into the house while expelling stale, interior air to the outside. But unlike exhaust fans or ventilators, energy recovery ventilators extract the energy from the air being expelled and use it to condition the air being drawn back into the house.

That means when it’s cold outside and the heating system in your Naperville home has warmed the interior air, an energy recovery ventilator would not only exchange household air with fresh air from outside, but it would also capture the heat from the interior air being expelled and use it to warm the air being drawn into the house.

In the summer heating season, the opposite cycle would occur. Air that’s been cooled by the air conditioning system in your Bolingbrook home would be exchanged for exterior air, but the recovery ventilator would also use the cool outgoing air to chill down the incoming air.

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Naperville, Boilingbrook and Surrounding Areas

A steady supply of fresh air is essential for maintaining indoor air quality. Research shows that many people spend up to 90% of their time inside their homes. If your home is like most well insulated homes in Bolingbrook and Naperville, there is very little opportunity for fresh air to get inside when the windows are shut.

If you have forced air heat and central air conditioning, the air is constantly recycled through the HVAC system. Gas and oil burning heating systems burn household air to generate heat. Even if you also have an air cleaner and a humidification and dehumidification system in place, the air will eventually become stale and unhealthy.

You could just open the windows, but that means wasting the energy it took to cool or warm the interior air, and using more energy to condition the exterior that’s drawn into the house. That’s why installing an energy recovery ventilator in your Plainfield home is such a great idea. You’ll conserve energy and never have to worry about the quality of the air your family is breathing.

Energy Recovery Ventilator Experts in Naperville, Bolingbrook and Surrounding Areas

DuAll Heating & Cooling’s expert technicians are fully certified to install and service energy recovery ventilators. We are excited to be able to offer this great technology to our Bolingbrook, Naperville, Plainfield, and Romeoville customers. We believe that recovery ventilators make an excellent addition to any home’s HVAC and indoor air quality system. We also provide routine maintenance and repair service for homes that already have energy recovery ventilators.

If you want to learn more about this exciting technology, call DuAll Heating & Cooling. Find out why so many Naperville homeowners turn to DuAll Heating & Cooling for all their indoor air quality needs.