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Dehumidifiers in Bolingbrook and Surrounding Areas

DuAll Heating & Cooling - Dehumidifiers

Breathe Easier, Feel Better With Dehumidified Air

Too much humidity in the air of your Bolingbrook or Plainfield home can slow you down, worsen health problems, and promote the growth of mold and mildew. Indoor air should have a relative humidity of 30% to 50%. When it climbs above that level, as it frequently does in the summer months in Bolingbrook, Naperville, Plainfield, and Romeoville, the air becomes oppressive and unhealthy.

DuAll Heating & Cooling can provide the right answer for the excess humidity problems in your Naperville home. We can install a dehumidifier that balances the air and lets you breathe easy. The moisture extracted from the air is condensed into waste water and sent safely down the drain.

Humidity Worsens the Heat

In the summer months, your body cools itself by evaporating moisture from your skin. When there’s too much water in the air, the moisture on your skin has nowhere to go. Your body loses its ability to cool itself. You perspire more and the effect of the heat becomes more pronounced.

Air conditioning inside your Bolingbrook or Naperville home can remove some of the humidity from the air. But the cool air from the air conditioner can hide the fact that the humidity inside your home is still excessive. If the humidity becomes high enough, you’ll feel cool but clammy and uncomfortable. The only sure way to balance the humidity in your Plainfield or Romeoville home is with a dehumidifier that adjusts the humidity level according to your needs.

Mold, Mildew, and Mites

Besides making your feel uncomfortable, excess humidity promotes the growth of mold and mildew, particularly in parts of your Bolingbrook home that tend to be damp, such as basements and bathrooms. Dust mites, microscopic insects that feed on hair and skin, also thrive when there’s excess humidity.

The optimal way to protect your Naperville or Plainfield home from high humidity is to call DuAll Heating & Cooling. As indoor air quality specialists, we can advise you about the range of dehumidification options, and help you make a choice that suits your needs and budget.

Dehumidifier Installation and Service in Bolingbrook and Surrounding Areas

DuAll Heating & Cooling’s expert staff is certified to install and repair all types of dehumidification equipment. We can assess the HVAC system in your Naperville or Plainfield home and help you find the right solution to your humidity problem. Depending on what type of system we install, we’ll make sure that any plumbing or electrical connections are safe and functioning correctly, and that the unit is operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

We also make repairs on all types of dehumidifiers and can help you decide if the unit you have in place is adequate for the space you’re trying to service.

Don’t suffer through the oppressive summer heat in your Bolingbrook, Naperville, Plainfield, or Romeoville home. And don’t let mold and mildew get a foothold in your basement or bathroom. Call DuAll Heating & Cooling, and find out why so many of our Naperville and Plainfield customers have turned to us to help make the indoor air in their homes pleasant and safe throughout the year.