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Air Conditioning Services in Bolingbrook, IL

DuAll Heating & Cooling - Air Conditioning

DuAll Heating & Cooling services and installs all types of air conditioning systems for homes in Bolingbrook, Naperville, Plainfield, and Romeoville. We all love the warm weather, but we need our indoor air to be cool and comfortable when it gets too hot and sticky outside. Whole house and zone controlled air conditioners give us the pleasant interior climate we need when the going gets hot. At DuAll Heating & Cooling, we’ll make sure your home stays at just the right temperature no matter what time of year it is.

Air Conditioning Installation

If it’s time to install a new central air or split air conditioning system in your Bolingbrook home, then it’s time to call DuAll Heating & Cooling. Our expert staff is certified to install all types of air conditioning systems. We can integrate the air conditioner with your heating system and make sure all the controls, electrical circuits, and vents are working correctly. We can install separate exterior central air units and heat pumps.

Many of our Naperville and Plainfield customers have installed split air conditioners which have the evaporator coil on the inside and the condensing coil on the outside. These systems provide a great alternative for homeowners who desire more powerful and efficient air conditioning than a window unit, but whose homes lack the duct work needed for a central air conditioner. Call a DuAll Heating & Cooling representative if you want to find out more about the benefits of split air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Program

DuAll Heating & Cooling offers routine maintenance on all types of air conditioners in Bolingbrook, Naperville, Plainfield, and Romeoville. We specialize in making sure your ducts are clean, which is critical for our customers with asthma and allergies. We also clean and replace filters, check refrigerant levels, and perform any of the specific maintenance tasks required by the manufacturer. Don’t let a small problem with the air conditioner in you Bolingbrook home develop into a major headache that causes a shut down at the hottest time of the year. Call DuAll Heating & Cooling to set up a maintenance appointment that fits your schedule.

AC Replacement Service

If you’re renovating the HVAC system in your Bolingbrook home, or if you want to replace your old, worn out system with new high–efficiency technology, call DuAll Heating & Cooling. Modern air conditioners are quiet and designed to provide the same cooling power as older units with less energy. Our certified staff can answer any questions you have about the benefits and costs of upgrading your system. We can handle the entire AC replacement project, including any duct work or new piping. We’ll make sure all the electrical and ducting connections are done perfectly.

Air Conditioning Repair

DuAll Heating & Cooling’s service team is fully licensed to make repairs on all types of air conditioning systems found in Bolingbrook, Naperville, Plainfield, and Romeoville homes. Our technicians carry all the diagnostic equipment they need to identify the source of a problem. We know that when you call us, you want the air conditioning back on as quickly as possible, but you also want the work to be done correctly. That’s why so many homeowners have turned to DuAll Heating & Cooling for their air conditioning repair in Bolingbrook, IL and the surrounding areas.