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Do I Really Need to Change My Air Filter?

Monday, February 29th, 2016

An air filter is a vital piece of your HVAC system. The air filter is intended to protect your system components from dust and other debris that is circulated through the air when you run it. A dirty air filter negatively affects your HVAC system, as the buildup of dirt and debris eventually could pollute the entire system. This leads to extra repairs, service and parts you may have been able to avoid by changing your air filter. Replacing your air filter regularly is an easy, inexpensive way to extend the life of your system and help improve your indoor air quality.

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Signs That You Need Boiler Repairs

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Most Bolingbrook, IL homeowners don’t think about their boiler much, until it needs repairs in the wintertime. While a comprehensive boiler maintenance program will help fend off problems, even the most diligent homeowner will eventually face a repair. Boilers are built to last, and being quick to react to problems will help improve its longevity. Be aware of your heating system and take notes of any irregularities and signs you may need boiler repairs, such as the issues we’ve listed below.

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Is Dirty Ductwork Hindering My Heater?

Monday, February 8th, 2016

*DuAll Heating & Cooling no longer offers duct cleaning services. Take a look at our other indoor air quality services to find the best solution for your needs.

A lot of homeowners use forced air heating systems in order to warm their homes effectively and quickly. The problem is  that the ductwork that these systems use can sometimes wind up with considerable amounts of dirt, dust, and other pollutants therein. This can lead to a number of problems within the household, including the spreading of those pollutants throughout one’s living space. This can make life tough for those with allergies and respiratory issues, as it can aggravate their symptoms. It can also hinder the performance of one’s HVAC system, though. That is why professional duct cleaning in Bolingbrook, IL is worth your consideration. 

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