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Should I Sign Up for a Maintenance Program?

Monday, December 24th, 2018

technicianYou invest a lot of money into your home. You want it to be comfortable, functional, and efficient. Your heating and air conditioning systems are both essential to maintaining the overall comfortability and functionality of your home, so it makes sense to keep them running efficiently and effectively for as long as possible.  This is why regular preventative maintenance is so important. It is recommended that you schedule AC or heating maintenance service in Bolingbrook, IL at least once a year.

Some HVAC companies offer maintenance programs that you can sign up for. DuAll Heating & Cooling offers a Maintenance Savings Plan that grants its members a wide range of benefits. There are many reasons as to why homeowners enroll in maintenance plans, and below, we have provided a list of them. 

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Spring Cleaning for Your Air Conditioner? Yep!

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Call it what you will: a tune-up, an annual check-up or a pre-season clean-up, but it all adds up to one thing: maintenance. And if you are like so many other homeowners who engage in spring cleaning at this time of year, it’s important to include your air conditioner. This doesn’t mean you should do maintenance on your own, however. To truly gain the benefits maintenance has to offer, it’s important to hire an expert to perform your spring tune-up. This is where the pros at DuAll Heating & Cooling come in: we’re here to help with all of your air conditioning needs, and spring is the perfect time of year for us to help you get ready for summer!

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How a Maintenance Plan Can Save You Money

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Bi-annual maintenance is good for your heating system, cooling system, water heater and plumbing systems. That may seem like a lot, but the payoff from scheduling maintenance is better energy efficiency, better comfort, prevention of repairs and a longer lifespan for your appliances and equipment. At DuAll Heating & Cooling, we believe maintenance is so important for our customers that we’ve established a full HVAC maintenance savings plan for our customers in Naperville and surrounding areas. Wondering what you’ll get when you sign up for our HVAC maintenance savings plan? Let’s take a look.

How It Works

The DuAll Heating & Cooling maintenance plan involved a one-time fee that covers two full maintenance appointments per year per system. But that’s not all the program includes. It also includes:

  • Bonus Bucks – we know better than anyone that some repairs can be costly; this is why we created Bonus Bucks! As a maintenance plan member, you’ll earn $50 each year in Bonus Bucks that can be put toward systems or system components with price points of $1,000 or more.
  • Priority service – customers enrolled in our maintenance savings program get priority service during busy times. This means that as a member, you won’t wait more than a day for service as you’ll be able to bypass non-members.
  • Discounts on parts and labor costs – members of our program automatically receive a 10% discount on all parts and labor for all repairs.
  • Reminders about service – you won’t have to worry about marking your calendar to call us for service because we do it for you.
  • Easy cancellation – you can cancel your membership for any reason or even no reason at all, and we’ll refund any monies owed to you.

The benefits of maintenance are proven, and having these kinds of extras for you and your home make joining a maintenance program a no-brainer.

Interested in seeing what our HVAC maintenance savings plan can do for your Naperville home? Call DuAll Heating & Cooling today!

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Why Commercial HVAC Maintenance Matters

Monday, November 5th, 2012

If you own a commercial building you know how much work goes into keeping that property in good shape, regardless of how you use it. When you have business owners or tenants renting space from you or if you have your own business in the commercial space you need to make sure that the environment is as comfortable for everyone involved. This includes tenants, employees, clients and potential customers. An uncomfortable workplace, business or tenancy makes a bad impression, and that is not something that any professional wants to do. Make sure that all users, visitors and inhabitants of your commercial building are as comfortable as possible to make your ventures a success. Duall Heating & Cooling can ensure the proper operation of your HVAC equipment in Bolingbrook

The only way that you can protect your commercial HVAC system is with regularly scheduled professional maintenance. Unlike a residential home, where temperature fluctuation is fine and systems are not in constant use, you commercial HVAC equipment is under extreme demand all of the time. Of course it is designed to handle this strain, but when a single component of this very large system is compromised the performance of the entire thing is put at risk. With a large system it does not take long for wear and tear to develop when a part of that system is not pulling its weight. Keep the workload balanced and ensure the proper operation of your commercial HVAC equipment with regular professional maintenance.

In addition to tuning up your HVAC system during maintenance service your commercial HVAC technician can also use this as an opportunity to inspect and discover any small, developing problems with your HVAC equipment before they have the chance to spiral out into serious issues. The smaller a problem is when it is discovered the less complex – and expensive – the necessary repairs are likely to be. By catching these problems before they have a chance to worsen you are eliminating the risk of having to shut down your commercial HVAC system for repairs and inconveniencing those people relying on your commercial property to conduct their business.

The biggest reason to schedule commercial HVAC maintenance is simply because these systems require a maintenance service professional, such as those at Duall Heating & Cooling, to carry out this service. There are far too many components that are far too complicated for anyone but a trained, certified professional to ensure are in good working condition. Be sure to have your commercial HVAC serviced during the off seasons to ensure its continued efficiency and effectiveness when you need it most. Protect your commercial HVAC property and equipment in Bolingbrook by calling Duall.

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