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When to Use a UV Air Purifier

Monday, May 29th, 2017

UV-lightIf you think that just keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the cold winter season is enough to live in the comfort that you deserve, think again. It is also very important that you are able to maintain great indoor air quality in your home, in addition to comfortable temperatures. This can have major benefits not only for your overall comfort levels, but for your health as well.

In many homes, the use of pollutant removal based systems, such as air filters and electronic air cleaners, may be enough to maintain sufficiently high indoor air quality. In others, though, dust and dirt are not the only pollutants of concern. There are also biological pollutants, including viruses, mold, and bacteria to deal with. For such pollutants, simply removing them from the air is not enough. They must be destroyed, and UV germicidal lights are the right tool for the job.

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Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

Monday, May 15th, 2017

thermometer-going-redIf so, then you have every right to be concerned. The only thing more alarming to homeowners during the height of the summer season than an AC that is blowing warm air may be an AC that has broken down entirely. While you are right to recognize that there is a problem with your air conditioner in Bolingbrook, IL, however, we want to remind you that this particular issue may not be quite as serious as it first seems. There are, in fact, several potential causes of an AC blowing warm air that you can easily rectify on your own.

That’s the good news. As always, there is another side to the coin. There is a possibility that there is no quick fix to your problem, and that you are in fact going to need professional services in order to resolve the situation. That is why it is so helpful to know what to look for in the event that your air conditioner starts to blow warm air.

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How Can Ductless Air Conditioning Benefit Me?

Monday, May 1st, 2017

question-markIn a number of ways, actually! Ductless air conditioning is becoming more and more popular, as more and more homeowners are beginning to understand the benefits that they have to offer. Like anything else in life, a ductless air conditioner in Bolingbrook, IL is not necessarily right for every individual. For those homeowners that deem it a good fit, though, these systems can prove immensely beneficial.

Before we get to the ways in which a ductless AC can benefit you, first let us remind you that no air conditioner, no matter how well made or designed, is going to function at peak performance levels if not professionally installed in your home. That is why we recommend that you leave the job to us. We’ll ensure that you get the most from your new air conditioning system.

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