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When to Use a UV Air Purifier

UV-lightIf you think that just keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the cold winter season is enough to live in the comfort that you deserve, think again. It is also very important that you are able to maintain great indoor air quality in your home, in addition to comfortable temperatures. This can have major benefits not only for your overall comfort levels, but for your health as well.

In many homes, the use of pollutant removal based systems, such as air filters and electronic air cleaners, may be enough to maintain sufficiently high indoor air quality. In others, though, dust and dirt are not the only pollutants of concern. There are also biological pollutants, including viruses, mold, and bacteria to deal with. For such pollutants, simply removing them from the air is not enough. They must be destroyed, and UV germicidal lights are the right tool for the job.

When Is Trapping Pollutants Not Enough?

The short answer to this question is: when they can reproduce. There are a couple of reasons why simply trapping airborne pollutants is really not a sufficient way of dealing with them. First of all, these pollutants are typically small enough that they can pass right through the types of air filters used in residential properties. There are filters that can trap these types of pollutants, but they are typically so efficient so as to be incompatible with residential HVAC systems.

The other reason why you don’t want to just trap biological pollutants — even if you could do so successfully — is the fact that they can reproduce. These are living microorganisms, and that means that they are capable of reproduction. By just trapping them on an air filter or in a cleaner, you are still allowing them the opportunity to do so. Actually destroying these pollutants, then, is the only way to really deal with them effectively.

How UV Germicidal Lights Work

UV germicidal lights emit UV, or ultraviolet, light in order to disrupt biological pollutants at the molecular level. The pollutants are either outright destroyed, or simply rendered incapable of further reproduction. The UV radiation emitted by these air purifiers is entirely confined to your ductwork, where the lamps are installed. They are completely safe for residents and pets in the household, but are utterly devastating for biological pollutants such as germs and bacteria.

Now, UV air purifiers do have their limitations. They are not going to do anything to address airborne pollutants such as dust and dirt in your home. That is why they should be used to supplement, but not to replace, more traditional air purification systems. If you have any questions, or would like to incorporate UV germicidal lights into your IAQ setup, just give us a call.

DuAll Heating & Cooling is happy to help you improve the quality of the air in your home. If you think a UV air purifier can be a benefit to your home and your family, then contact our trained team today.

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