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Why Use an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

Monday, October 29th, 2012

If there was a way for you to use less energy to heat and cool your house would you be interested in learning about it? Most people would say yes. An energy recovery ventilator, as its name suggests, is able to capture energy from the air that is entering and leaving your home. It provides a number of other benefits to your home in addition to energy savings. Below are a few reasons to consider installing an energy recovery ventilator in your home in Bolingbrook.

How Does an Energy Recovery Ventilator Work?

An ERV is an additional component of your heating and air conditioning system that, at its most basic level, pre-heats or pre-cools the going into your heating and AC system. Here are the steps in the process for heating season:

  • Cold air from outside and warm, stale air from inside are drawn into the energy recovery ventilator.
  • The two air streams are not mixed but heat energy from the exiting stale air is transferred to the cold air coming in.
  • The now-cooler stale air is exhausted and the now-warmer outside air is filtered and pumped into the heat exchanger to be fully heated.

Efficiency Benefits

One of the main reasons for an ERV is the increase in energy efficiency. With warmer air coming into your furnace or heat pump, your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard. This allows your system to consume less energy and potentially save you money.

Health Benefits

Many energy recovery ventilators also provide air filtration and humidity control features that can increase the air quality in your home. During cooling season, moisture and heat from the outgoing air is added to the cold, dry air coming in. Using a ventilating system to bring in fresh air to your home might be able to reduce the pollutants in your home’s air. Some ERV systems also have filtration components to actively filter incoming air. Not only can indoor air quality and humidity contribute to your comfort levels, but it can also impact how quickly your furniture wears out.

If you have any questions about energy recovery ventilators or if you’re interested in having one installed in your home in Bolingbrook, call the experts at DuAll Heating and Cooling. We have years of experience working with these types of systems. One of our trained technicians can walk you through the process and determine if an energy recovery ventilator is right for you.

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Residential Heating Tip: Why Furnace Size Matters

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Whether you are installing a new furnace or retrofitting your old heating system, you must get the proper size for your home and heating needs. There are several reasons for this. You can always call the Bolingbrook heating experts at DuAll Heating & Cooling if you would like a better understanding of furnace size and why it is important.

To get you started, here are a few of the main reasons that not properly sizing a furnace can end up costing you more in the long run, especially an oversized furnace.

We are focusing on oversized furnaces since this is the most common problem in our industry. Many contractors will try to talk you into getting a furnace that is too big for your heating needs. In addition, the size of your ductwork must be able to deliver the extra BTUs of heating output. If not, you may end up paying more to repair a furnace that has broken down due to constant cycling due to limit switch problems. Not only that, it could wear out the heat exchanger, which is a costly replacement.

The BTU capacity of your new furnace should depend on other factors as well, including the square footage of the space you need to heat and how many doors and windows are in your home. The location and layout will also play a role in the sizing process. Make sure your thermostats are up to date as well. For new high-efficiency furnaces, you’ll need to install a two – stage thermostat that can handle the variable speeds of the fan blower.

If you have further questions, call the Bolingbrook heating professionals at DuAll Heating & Cooling. We can answer all your questions and set up a consultation with a technician to assess your home and current heating system if you are interested in a furnace installation.

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Commercial HVAC Tip: Getting Your Rooftop Unit Ready for Winter

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Routine maintenance in the fall is a vital part of keeping your commercial rooftop HVAC system working properly throughout the winter. It can also help to maintain efficiency and ensure optimal performance levels. For commercial rooftop HVAC professional maintenance services, call DuAll Heating & Cooling. We can help prevent equipment failure and costly repairs with an annual tune-up.

We also offer maintenance programs for our commercial clients to help you budget for your yearly maintenance visit. Now is the ideal time to schedule your rooftop unit check-up. Doing this in the fall allows our technicians to catch any problems before they affect your entire system.

When we visit your commercial business, there are many important tasks that we perform to ensure that the overall performance and efficiency is up to par. Our qualified technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire system with the following checklist:

  • Check heat exchanger on gas-powered systems
  • Inspect gas piping for leaks or other issues
  • Check the electrical wiring
  • Inspect ductwork for holes, cracks, or other damage
  • Make any necessary repairs and lube parts
  • Measure airflow for optimal performance
  • Test thermostat and efficiency levels
  • Test electrical and safety controls
  • Replace worn or broken parts

Calling DuAll Heating & Cooling for a fall tune-up is one of the best things you can do for your commercial heating system. Rooftop units require the work of a Romeoville commercial HVAC specialist, and that’s what we are. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Why You Should Have Your Ducts Professionally Cleaned

Monday, October 8th, 2012

*DuAll Heating & Cooling no longer offers duct cleaning services. Take a look at our other indoor air quality services to find the best solution for your needs.

Having your ductwork routinely cleaned in your Plainfield home can help improve the flow of air through your ducts which can increase the efficiency of your duct system. The EPA estimates that just .42 inches of dust build up can reduce efficiency by 21%. The EPA also notes that indoor air is commonly more polluted than outdoor air. Removing contaminants and particulates like dust and dirt can also improve the quality of air in your house. But when it comes to cleaning your ducts should you try to do it yourself or hire a professional? Below we explore some of the benefits to hiring a professional to clean your duct work.

Knowledge of Duct Work

There are many components to a duct system and its corresponding air handler. There could be areas in your ducting that you may not be familiar with that you may avoid or skip over. A professional would be intimately familiar with all aspects of your duct system and have the skill to properly clean it.

Knowledge of Common Problems

When you get sick, you go to a medical professional like a doctor because of their knowledge about disease and the human body. Likewise, a professional duct cleaner would know what to look for as they clean your ducts. They might notice a problem that you would just brush over. Duct cleaners can also let you know about other issues that might be negatively impacting your ducts like possible leaks and sealing problems.

Professionals Have the Right Tools

According to Discover Magazine a normal 6-room house accumulates 40 pounds of dust each year. If you have an insect infestation or mold growth, these problems can cause serious health risks to you and your family. Having a professional duct cleaner who has the proper tools, breathing apparatus and disposal methods can be a huge benefit to you.

Call the duct experts at DuAll Heating and Cooling to ask us about our professional indoor air quality services.

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Home Heating Guide: Why Install a New Boiler?

Monday, October 1st, 2012

One of the great things about boilers is that they last for so long. In fact, unlike some other types of heating systems in Romeoville, boilers can last up to 30 years or more under certain conditions. But there will probably come a time when you have to install a new boiler. If you’re not sure it’s time for a new boiler just yet, here are a few things to think about that might make your decision a bit easier.

Better Efficiency

Even if your boiler is still working well, it may make sense to replace it if it is more than 15 years old or so. That’s because the newer boilers on the market these days are so much more energy efficient than their predecessors that upgrading to a newer model can actually save you a great deal in energy costs going forward. This savings can quickly allow you to recoup what you invested in the new boiler, and as long as you properly maintain your new boiler, you’ll continue to see those savings every month.

Fewer Repairs

It’s also worth considering replacing your boiler if it needs frequent repairs, even if they’re generally minor. These regular repair bills will add up over time, and a boiler that needs this type of service on a regular basis probably isn’t operating at peak efficiency anyway. By purchasing a new boiler now, you’ll be eliminating those recurring repair bills, and you’ll probably benefit from lower monthly energy bills as well.

Professional Guidance

Deciding to replace your boiler isn’t an easy thing to do, so it’s often a good idea to seek the advice of a Romeoville heating technician. They can take a look at your system and let you know whether they think you’re better off hanging onto your current boiler for a little longer or if an upgrade is really in your best interests.

If you need heating installation in Romeoville or the surrounding area, give DuAll Heating & Cooling a call!

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