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Air Conditioning Question: What is a Rooftop Unit?

Rooftop units tend to be used in commercial buildings for both air conditioning and heating purposes.  As light commercial HVAC specialists in Bolingbrook, DuAll Heating & Cooling works with rooftop units for a variety of businesses in the area, so call us today if you are interested in installation or repair.

Rooftop units are specially designed heating and air conditioning systems that are placed on the rooftops of commercial structures.  They both cool and heat larger buildings such as retail storefronts, office spaces, strip malls, and even warehouses.  Rooftop units can include a wide selection of special features such as high-end filtration systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and even the option of solar panels for a much higher level of energy-efficiency.

Commercial rooftop air conditioning and heating units are usually housed in one cabinet that conditions the cooled or heated air.  An air handler then pushes that air through an intricate series of ducts which are usually run between floors, or behind walls.  As the air moves at a uniform speed and is well-balanced throughout the ducts, each room with a vent will receive the proper amount of air that has been preset by the HVAC thermostat.

Rooftop units are designed to be dependable, working all year long to make the various indoor workspaces comfortable to be in.   They can provide cooled and heated air with one single unit, but there are also separate rooftop AC and rooftop heating units that are then connected to the same ventilation and ductwork system.

DuAll Heating & Cooling is a light commercial HVAC company in Bolingbrook that understands the intricacies of rooftop units and can help you through rooftop AC installation, repair or maintenance.  Contact DuAll Heating and Cooling today!

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