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Need Boiler Repair? Top 3 Repairs for your Boiler

Boilers are one of the most popular and effective heating systems in the country. When you live in Illinois you probably use your heating system a lot during the cold winters here. With all that use it’s only natural that you would eventually need repair. Contact the Naperville, IL boiler repair experts at DuAll Heating & Cooling if you’re having any issues with your boiler. We have years of experience working with many different kind of boilers and wanted to share some of the most common repairs that we’ve seen.

Boiler Not Producing Enough Heat

When you turn on your boiler you expect it to produce heat for your home. But if you aren’t getting enough heat or if your boiler isn’t producing any heat at all you could have a serious problem. While this can sometimes be caused by a simple problem with your thermostats, it could also be something with the boiler itself. Call the Naperville, IL boiler repair professionals at DuAll Heating and Cooling if this is happening. It could be that the boiler’s water thermostat is set too low so it isn’t heating up the water enough. It might also be that there is sediment or mineral build up on the bottom of the boiler tank which is keeping the heat from getting to the water.

Boiler Leaking Water

With all of the water that your boiler uses and handles it will likely leak at some point. There are a few common places that are susceptible to leaks. The pump in your boiler is what actually pushes the hot water through your home. It can often leak water if the valves or gaskets are worn out. Also, the expansion tank is another are that can sometimes leak. The tank itself can also leak if the pressure inside is too great or if it is rusting. Call the Naperville, IL boiler repair technicians at DuAll if you’re having any water leaks with your boiler.

For Naperville, IL boiler repair make sure that you call DuAll Heating & Cooling today.

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