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Heating & AC: Ductless Mini Split System Installation Process

As spring and summer approach, homeowners throughout Bolingbrook, IL are looking for ways to be more energy-efficient, to improve the indoor air quality of their home, and to be eco-friendly. More and more homes are making the switch to ductless mini splits not only for these reasons, but also because they enjoy the flexibility and minimal disruption of ductless installation. Whether you’re in the market for an air conditioning system for your new home, or thinking about switching from conventional central air, you need to know about the installation process. For more information about ductless mini split systems in Bolingbrook, IL, call DuAll Heating & Cooling today!

Let’s take a look at some of the basics of the ductless mini split system installation process:

  • No ducts. This is perhaps the greatest advantage to going ductless, and therefore greatly distinguishes ductless from ducted systems. Retrofitted ductwork can involve demolition and renovation of your home, as even flexible ducts have to be snaked through your walls and in the attic. Ductless systems, on the other hand, generally need only one small hole for the conduit to pass through the exterior of the home and to connect to the outdoor unit, which can placed as far away as 50 feet, depending on the model and particular home setup.
  • Air handler. The ductless indoor air handler is a sleek, attractive, and compact device that sits high on a wall or suspended from the ceiling. You can usually install about 4 air handlers to one single compressor/condenser unit. These can be placed around the house to create cooling zones, each with its own thermostat. The air handler is nearly silent and can also be operated by remote control. It extracts hot air as well as circulates cool air much more efficiently than duct extraction.
  • Outdoor unit. The outdoor unit of is not unlike its counterpart in a conventional central air. It houses the compressor, which is the engine that pumps the pressurized refrigerant through the refrigerant cycle. The condenser coils are also located there, where the heat from your home dissipates.

The ductless installation process is straightforward and relatively unobtrusive, but it needs to be done professionally to ensure that you get the most out of your cooling for years to come. For ductless mini split installation in Bolingbrook, IL, call DuAll Heating & Cooling today!

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