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Water Heater Replacement Benefits – Energy Efficiency, Long Term Solution, Upgrade Potential

Because up to 25% of our energy bill goes towards hot water, it is prudent to consider the benefits of replacing your water heater, rather than to continue repairing your old model. There are more options on the market today than ever before. Water heaters can be powered by a fuel, such as gas or oil, or by electricity. If they have a tank, they store the heated water in a large storage cylinder; tankless units provide limitless water that is continually heated. Only trust a local professional for your Bolingbrook, IL water heater replacement. Call DuAll Heating & Cooling today!

There are many benefits to replacing your old water heater with a brand new highly efficient model. Here are just a few:

  • Energy efficiency. This is perhaps the best reason; it is certainly the most cost-effective. Today’s water heaters are more and more efficient. Engineers and product designers have spent years fine-tuning the basics of efficient water heater so that you can enjoy clean, efficient hot water.
  • Long-term solution. If you’re tired of throwing your money at an obsolete and ultimately doomed appliance, take control and invest in the future of your home comfort with a new water heater. While repair may seem like an option in the short-term, there comes a point at which replacement becomes more financially sensible.
  • Upgrade potential. Are you interested in going tankless? Tankless water heaters do not run out of hot water, have no standby heat loss, and are highly efficient systems, running on electricity or gas. Water heater replacement is a great way to make the jump to a different type of system, one that fits the hot water needs of your home. Tankless systems can be outfitted at several points in your home to offer a versatile approach to water heating. They can also be combined with a conventional system to run an auxiliary appliance or fixture, if you need a boost.

Continuing to deposit your money into repairs for that old water heater may be ultimately more costly than simply replacing the system outright. For Bolingbrook water heater replacement, call DuAll Heating & Cooling today!

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