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3 Advantages of Roof-Mounted HVAC Commercial Units

You need to have an effective and efficient HVAC system keeping your business comfortable throughout the year, whether it’s warmth during the winter, refreshing cool during the summer, or all the mixtures of temperatures in the seasons between.

One of the most popular ways to provide heating and cooling for businesses is a roof-top HVAC unit. There are a number of reasons these rooftop HVAC systems are so popular. We’ll look at three.

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3 Reasons to Install Rooftop Package Units for Your Business

  • Space-saving: Unless for some reason you like to do business on the roof of your building, the roof is the best place to install an HVAC system as large as the one necessary to condition a significant space. Since all the components found in larger commercial HVAC units are put into one self-contained cabinet, the rooftop system won’t even take up that much room at the top of your business.
  • Cooling and heating in one (if you want it): Rooftop units are often configured to contain all the heating and cooling needs for a building, so you won’t need to have separate systems. This is convenient for you, and it also makes it easier for technicians to repair the unit. However, you don’t need to have heating installed in your rooftop unit; installers can configure them for air conditioning only if you wish.
  • Pre-assembled and easy to install: Putting in a roof-mounted HVAC system is a simple job for installers, since the units come as complete packages with all their components already in place. This means that having new units installed will pose no major interruption to your business.

Roof-Mounted Units Require Regular Maintenance

There is one drawback to a rooftop HVAC unit, and that is that it receives exposure to the elements, such as rain, snow, and occasional hail. Manufacturers build these units for durability, but they aren’t indestructible. To get the maximum life from your commercial rooftop HVAC system, make sure you schedule annual maintenance from specialists.

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