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Why Schedule Duct Cleaning at the End of Heating Season

*DuAll Heating & Cooling no longer offers duct cleaning services. Take a look at our other indoor air quality services to find the best solution for your needs.

A heating system in Illinois never fully closes down during the spring or summer: we can expect a few cool days to come along when we’ll need to turn the furnace back on, or switch the heat pump from cooling back to heating mode. Nevertheless, by the end of April we’ll start scaling back on how much work our heaters do.

This is a good time to schedule duct cleaning to clear away the dust, dirt, lint, and other contaminants that have entered your ductwork. We’ll look into why you should have duct cleaning in Naperville, IL done at the tail end of heating season.

Duct cleaning at the end of winter

If you have a heat pump or furnace, then your heating relies on the same ductwork system that your air conditioner will use. When the AC comes on for the first time during a hot spring day, you’ll want the air coming from it to have the smoothest, cleanest path to reach the vents. All the dust that can build up during the winter from your closed-up house can gather thickly along the ductwork walls, and this will place resistance against the AC’s airflow. The harder the air conditioner has to work, the more expensive it will be to run.

You can also expect lower air quality because of dirty ducts. The air conditioner will spread around the build up inside the ventilation system throughout your home. You don’t want to spend the summer battling congestion, skin and eye irritation, asthma, and other symptoms similar to the cold and the flu—but this is what will happen without clean ducts.

Winter snows also bring moisture that enters ductwork. This can lead to one of the major troubles that can start inside ventilation systems: the growth of mold and bacteria. You’ll need duct cleaning, and possibly UV germicidal lights, to stop this before it adversely affects your indoor air quality.

Call professional duct cleaners

It requires special training and equipment to clean a home’s ducts; you can’t effectively access the ductwork on your own.

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