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When Should I Call for AC Repairs?

thermostat-is-risingAfter another fairly hard hitting winter, we’re sure that you are just about ready to get the warm, pleasant summer weather underway. It is certainly not here yet, but as we mentioned previously in our AC tune-up blog post, it won’t be too long before it arrives. We hope that you’ll read that blog post over and that you’ll take our advice in terms of keeping your air conditioner in the best working condition possible. You should also keep in mind, though, that even the best air conditioners are not 100% reliable.

While keeping your air conditioner in great working condition with routine air conditioning maintenance will help you to get the best performance that it has to offer, you are going to run into problems eventually. The best thing to do when that happens is to schedule prompt air conditioning repairs in Bolingbrook, IL. Contact us if you notice any signs of trouble with your system, including the following. 

Does Your System Sound Much Louder — or Stranger — Than Usual?

Your air conditioner is going to make some noise as it works to cool your home. You’ll probably hear it cycle on as the compressor starts up, depending upon the layout of your home. Maybe you’ll hear some sound as air is forced through the air ducts. What you shouldn’t hear, though, are new or increasingly loud sounds that are giving you cause for concern.

If you hear hissing sounds, clanging, or screeching, it is very likely that there is an issue with your system in need of professional attention. The longer that these problems persist, be they refrigerant leaks causing hissing or worn belts causing squealing, the greater the risk of serious damage. Make the right call, and call us for help!

Does Your System Cost More than Usual?

If you’ve been using the same AC for a few years, then there is a good chance that you have a basic idea of what to expect when your home cooling bills come in. If your energy costs spike without reason, though, it may indicate that you have a problem that is dragging down the efficiency of your air conditioner. Our team will be able to determine precisely what is wrong, so that you can get back to cooling your home with the efficiency that you’ve come to expect.

Does Your System Blow Warmer Air than Usual?

If so, don’t just keep cranking up the AC! You could have damaged air ducts if the warm air seems to be in a localized area. If the warm air is coming from vents all throughout your home, though, you could be dealing with anything from refrigerant leaks to a faulty thermostat to a tripped breaker that’s left the indoor unit running but resulted in the shutdown of your outdoor unit. A professional technician can determine exactly what the problem is so that it is resolved properly every step of the way.

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