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Are Dirty Coils an Easy Air Conditioning Repair?

For almost any machine to operate as effectively as possible, it should be kept clean and maintained on a regular basis. Dirt interferes with mechanical operation, making a device inefficient and possibly leading to breaks and a complete shut down. Your air conditioner is no different from other machines in this way: if the unit becomes contaminated with too much dust and other debris, it will reduce the amount of cool air it provides you, cost more to run, and eventually require expensive repairs. Dirt blocking the AC’s coils is especially troublesome if it is neglected.

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The two sets of coils in your air conditioner, located in the indoor and outdoor units, are vital for the heat exchange that gives you cooled air. If either becomes too dirty, they can’t do the job of absorbing heat or releasing it.

Fixing dirty coils is not an easy repair job. You can’t just pry open the unit and use a damp cloth to wipe them down. To get a thorough cleaning requires removing the coils and then reinstalling them—and that means dealing with the refrigerant flowing through them. You should leave this to an HVAC professional, who will cut the refrigerant lines, take out the contaminated coil for cleaning, then reinstall it afterwards and recharge any refrigerant lost during the process.

Fortunately, dirty coils are easy to prevent. Make sure you keep a clean filter in your air conditioner so it will effectively trap dust and other particles. You should change the filter once a month during seasons when the AC operates regularly. Every three months is sufficient at other times. Scheduling regular maintenance with an HVAC company will help spot possible dust build-ups before they become serious, such as breaks in the ductwork.

If you experience troubles with your AC because of dirty coils, call on experts to handle the job. One of your first choices should be DuAll Heating & Cooling, where we take pride in our professionalism and quality work. For air conditioning repair in Plainfield, IL, turn to our highly-trained technicians.

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