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Why Is My Air Conditioning System Iced Up?

You expect cold air to blow from the vents of your air conditioning system, so if the coils on the indoor unit of your AC start to ice up, you may imagine it’s something as simple as having the temperature turned down so low that it is freezing up your system. But a working air conditioner should be able to handle its lowest temperature setting without difficulty. Icing on the indoor unit is a sign of serious malfunction with your AC that needs immediate attention. For reliable Naperville air conditioning repair, contact DuAll Heating & Cooling to get your repairs started.

A common cause for icing on your AC unit is a problem in the thermostat. It may not be telling the air conditioning to stop cooling when it should. Modern thermostats are complex electronic devices, and need professional service to get them working correctly.

Another reason that the evaporator coils might ice over is one you probably haven’t thought of: a low refrigerant charge. The refrigerant running through your AC is fixed and does not get used up during evaporation and condensing. Losing refrigerant from a leak will likely cause the evaporator coils to freeze because they can no longer absorb enough heat. Not only will the leak need to be sealed, but an HVAC professional will have to recharge the refrigerant.

If the air inside your home is not properly reaching the coils to warm up the cold refrigerant moving through it, icing could also occur. The most common reasons for reduced air flow is a dirty or clogged filter, but the problem may be more complex, such as issues with your ductwork.

You need to stop your evaporator coils from freezing as soon as possible. If you let the problem continue, you could have a large block of ice preventing the coils from working effectively and making it difficult for your AC to do its job. You’ll need HVAC experts to diagnose the problem and find a solution, whether fixing a coolant leak, replacing the thermostat, or repairing problems with ducts and filters.

When you need to get your iced up air conditioner fixed—or any other problems you may have with your AC — DuAll Heating & Cooling is ready to give you the high quality service you deserve. With 12 years of experience in Naperville air conditioning repair, we can make sure that ice stays out of your AC system.

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