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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making a Weird Noise?

The sound that an air conditioner makes during regular operation can provide soothing white noise: it’s a sound we are very accustomed to hearing during the summer and on into fall. But if a strange or unpleasant sound starts to interrupt your AC’s relaxing hum, it’s more than noise pollution. It might be a red flag that your system needs repairs. If an air conditioner making weird sounds is left without attention, it could lead to worse problems, causing a loss of cooling ability, increased energy bills, or even a complete breakdown.

Contact DuAll Heating & Cooling when you have concerns about your air conditioning in Naperville, IL. We’ll find out what is causing the strange sounds and get your AC the repairs it needs.

Here are some possible culprits for unexpected AC noises:

Compressor problems

If the sound you hear is a grinding noise, then the compressor that sends refrigerant through the air conditioner might be struggling. This can happen because of overwork or damaged wiring. You won’t get any cooling from your AC if the compressor fails; it will need to be fixed or replaced. The grinding noise may point to other problems—such as a refrigerant leak—so get professional help analyzing the problem.

Failing capacitor

The start capacitor sends the voltage to the motors that gets them running when the air conditioner turns on, and the run capacitor keeps them working. If you hear clicking or odd humming noises from your AC, one of the capacitors may be failing. Because of the risk of a high voltage shock, do not attempt to tamper with capacitors yourself.

Trouble with the blower motor

If something goes awry with the blower motor, you’ll hear a noise similar to what you would hear from a bad car engine. The fan belt may have developed cracks or come loose and started rubbing against other components. If left unrepaired, this will cause further damage to the AC’s interior. Even if you have experience fixing car fan belts, blower motors in air conditioners are another matter and will require assistance.

It’s crucial to act on troublesome noises from your air conditioner as soon as possible. Because of the many different causes that might lie behind the weird sounds, it will take HVAC experts to correctly diagnose and repair the problem. Don’t hesitate to call DuAll Heating & Cooling when strange noises—or anything else unusual—starts to affect your air conditioning in Naperville, IL.

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