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Air Conditioning Guide: Common Ductless AC Repairs

All major home appliances and HVAC components will need repairs at some point. That is simply a fact of life that all homeowners should come to accept. One thing that helps for peace of mind when dealing with a certain repair job is to have an idea how common it is. That can help you settle the question of whether your Romeoville ductless air conditioner is a having a lot of trouble or just needs some routine repairs.

To answer that very question, here are three common repairs that ductless AC systems often need.

 #1: Leak Repair

Refrigerant leaks can spring up just about anywhere in a ductless AC: the condenser coil, the evaporator coil, the refrigerant line… While premature leaks are sometimes the sign of improper installation or neglecting maintenance duties, sometimes leaks just happen over time. Leaks will affect performance, but are easy for a Romeoville AC professional to fix and are generally not anything to worry about, as long as they are not a frequently recurring issue.

 #2: Charging Refrigerant

Frequently going hand in hand with common repair #1, refrigerant charging is a very common repair for a number of noticeable ductless AC issues. Even if there isn’t a noticeable leak, sometimes the refrigerant may need to be recharged anyway on account of poor installation or an improper charge in the past. Like all air conditioners, ductless systems need a certain level of refrigerant in order to operate properly, so recharging refrigerant when necessary is an important common repair.

 #3: Fixing Drainage Problems

A ductless air conditioner that is failing to properly drain the condensed moisture that has been extracted from the air can be a real annoyance. Especially in humid climates, these drainage issues cause problems. Often, the repairs are as simple as unclogging a drainage tube or replacing the pump motor. These are common problems and repairs, so they are not anything to worry about as long as they are handled professionally and in a timely manner.

There are other potential repair issues that you may run into with your ductless AC system, but these are among the most common repairs that technicians have to make. When in doubt about an issue with your Romeoville air conditioner, call DuAll Heating & Cooling to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

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