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Common Air Conditioner Problems

Our air conditioning systems are a wonderful tool that helps us stay cool and comfortable on the hottest of days.  However, there are some common air conditioner problems which can arise that are easy to identify such as leaks, sensor problems, and drainage problems.  If any of these air conditioner problems springs up with your air conditioning system, it is important to contact the experienced Plainfield air conditioning professionals at DuAll Heating and Cooling in order to have your air conditioner inspected and properly fixed.

Air Conditioning Leaks

When the refrigerant level gets too low, the cause can be that it was undercharged when it was installed, or that there is a leak.  If there is a leak, it is not ok to just continually add refrigerant, because there is an underlying air conditioning leak problem which needs to be resolved.  Not only are refrigerant leaks damaging to the environment, but it also means your unit has an improper refrigerant charge.  It is important that an AC technician such as ours come in and fix the leak with an AC repair, test to ensure the fix was done correctly and then charge the system with the proper refrigerant amount.

AC Sensor Problems

Air conditioning systems have a thermostat sensor which is behind the control panel for the AC.  The sensor is designed to measure the temperature of air that flows into the evaporative coil.  When AC sensor problems occur such as the sensor being knocked out of place, it will be quite obvious because the air conditioner will either begin to run almost constantly, or it will begin working in random spurts that have no real bearing on the true temperature of the air in the building.  A knowledgeable air conditioner technician can easily fix this type of air conditioner sensor problem.

Air Conditioner Drainage Problems

Air conditioner drainage problems generally occur because of a clogged drain in the AC system.  It could be that the condensate drain is clogged and as such is not draining appropriately, or it could be that the air conditioner was not mounted level.  Either way, a professional air conditioning technician such as ours can efficiently fix any air conditioner drainage problems which arise.

Contact DuAll Heating and Cooling today and receive the quality air conditioner support which you value and require no matter where you are in the Plainfield area.

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