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Will Your Water Heater Last Through the Winter Season?

Frigid temperatures are the norm in Illinois during the long winter season. Keeping your home warm and comfortable is obviously a top priority. Even when you have a warm and cozy house waiting for you, though, you sometimes need a little something more. A long, hot shower is truly one of the greatest luxuries when the temperature outside plummets.

If you have any concerns about your water heater in Bolingbrook, we strongly suggest that you replace that system now before it gives out on you entirely. You don’t want to realize as you’re getting ready for work one cold morning that there’s no hot water for showering. Here are a few signs that it’s time for a replacement.

  1. Age. We know that thrifty homeowners don’t want to be wasting their money on new appliances that aren’t really necessary. It is important to remember that all water heaters have finite lifespans, though. If yours is always past its expected expiration date, or if it is closing in on that age, it is time to start thinking about a replacement. Let your water heater go out on a high note after years, or even decades, of dependable service.
  2. Repairs. A good water heater technician will often be able to get a system back up and running even when it is well past its prime. A great water heater technician will help you to understand that not all repairs are worth making, though. It is important to be realistic about the overall performance quality of your water heater. If your system is very old, if it requires frequent repairs, or if it doesn’t work that well even when running properly, you may not want to continue sinking money into it.
  3. Efficiency. One reason to replace an older water heater even if it is operating reliably is a low efficiency level. Today’s systems are far more efficient than the standard efficiency systems of even a decade ago. If you have a water heater that works inefficiently by today’s standards, think about investing in a newer, more efficient model, and offset the investment over time in energy savings.

Let DuAll Heating & Cooling outfit your home with a great new water heater.

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