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Why Are There Cold Spots in My Home?

When it comes to the performance of your heating system, the term “good enough” should not be in your vocabulary. You deserve an outstanding performance from your heating system in Bolingbrook, IL. Nothing less will do.

Even if your heater is running reliably, you may still encounter problems from time to time. For instance, you may notice that there are spots in your home that are cooler than others. There are many potential causes of this particular problem, and we’d like to shed some light on a few of them.

  • Insulation. A common cause of cold spots is simply that there is not enough insulation in those areas of your home. Having additional insulation installed in these areas may help you to overcome the problem. Sealing heat in in the winter and keeping heat out in the summer is not something that you should take lightly.
  • Ductwork. Another very common issue that leads to cold spots is damaged ductwork. If you use a forced air heating system, then you distribute heated air throughout your home via your ductwork. If the ductwork servicing any area in your home is compromised, that area is not going to receive the proper amount of heating. This will likely lead to increased heating costs, even as your comfort suffers.
  • Zoning. Do you use a zone control system, with multiple thermostats installed throughout your home in order to allow for greater temperature control? If so, it’s possible that one of these thermostats, or even the dampers in the ductwork themselves, are malfunctioning. If the problem is in a zoned area, and no other area seems affected, this is likely the case. We can determine this for certain.

If you are struggling to heat your home effectively, give the heating professionals at DuAll Heating & Cooling a call today.

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