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Need a New Water Heater? Have You Thought About Going Tankless?

Investing in a replacement water heater may not be the most exciting way in which to spend your hard earned money. That being said, no water heater is going to last forever, so you are going to have to replace yours at some point. When that time comes, though, you shouldn’t rush through the system selection process. Just because you’ve always used a tank water heater, for instance, doesn’t mean that tankless models don’t merit your consideration. Keep the following information in mind, and let the professionals on our staff know if you think that using a tankless water heater in Bolingbrook, IL is the right move for your home.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

As you’ve probably already figured out on your own, a tankless water heater does not use a tank in its operation. How is this possible? Well, a tankless water heater simply heats water as it passes through the system, so there is no need to store heated water in a hot water tank. This allows for a few benefits that tank water heaters cannot really match.

First of all, tankless water heaters obviously require much less space than tank models do. If you have pretty tight space in your home, and you want to avoid taking up more of that space than is absolutely necessary with your water heater, then a tankless model is worth looking into. These systems are easily able to fit in closets and other tight spaces.

Plus, the elimination of the need for a storage tank means too that standby energy loss is entirely eliminated. When you store hot water in a tank–even a very efficient one–some of the heat in that water will transfer out into the air surrounding the tank. You won’t have to worry about this inefficiency with a tankless water heater.

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