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Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

Many people tend to wait until their water heater totally breaks down before replacing it, but this kind of scenario can leave you without hot water, and if you use a storage tank hot water heater, you could end up with a lot of water all over your floor. It’s better to get ahead of your water heater replacement, but sometimes the signs aren’t all that clear. To help you avoid a messy scenario, the experts at DuAll Heating & Cooling have put together a list of the common indications that it may be time to replace your existing water heater in Bolingbrook, IL:


Your water heater should be silent, except during times when the burner is operating in a gas-powered heater. Noises indicate that a problem or problems have developed, and the water heater should be looked at by an expert.

No Hot Water/Tepid Water

There can be a few reasons why your water isn’t warm enough; there could be a problem with the dip tube, too much sediment on the bottom of the tank or scaling in the pipes. Whatever the issue may be, it’s important that you allow an expert to determine it and make the necessary repairs.

Sudden Spike in Energy Bills

Hot water heaters, particularly tank water heaters, need a certain amount of energy to operate, but if you suddenly notice a big jump in your energy bills, and this jump is accompanied by other noticeable problems with your water heater, it’s time to call for a professional.


Leaking can indicate a problem with the valves or seals, or be a result of serious corrosion. Leaking is never a good sign when it comes to water heaters, so if you detect a leak, call for help immediately.

No house should be without hot water. Get ahead of your troublesome hot water heater by call us today and scheduling an appointment for replacement.

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