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Is Zone Control Air Conditioning Right for My Home?

Zone control air conditioning systems offer a number of advantages over non-zoned centralized systems. Here in Bolingbrook, IL, summer is on its way, and now is the perfect time to consider an upgrade or replacement to a zone control system. “But is zone control air conditioning right for my home?” we hear you ask. That depends, and you should always consult an expert before pulling the trigger. But here are a few things to think about while considering a zone control system.

Personalized Air Conditioning

As the name implies, zone control systems divide your home into different sections. Each section has a unique thermostat control system, allowing you to set different temperatures in each one. The benefits are obvious. The system allows you to turn on the air only in parts of the house that you’re using: using much less energy and sparing your air conditioner a lot of excessive wear and tear. In addition, it provides maximum comfort options for you and your family. You might have the air conditioner in the kitchen turned up high while you cook dinner, while another family member reading in the bed room can adjust the settings lower and keep from freezing.

Is It Right for Me?

Zone control systems work best in large buildings, or buildings that suffer from poor insulation. They’re often very difficult to keep cool in the summer, and energy bills can run quite high. A zone control system can be just the thing to help with those issues. They work less well in smaller houses, however, where a centralized air conditioner can do the job efficiently and tailored control serves less of a function.

Regardless of your circumstances, however, it pays to consult with an expert before making a move. Give DuAll Heating & Cooling a call. We’ll answer your questions and provide an option that’s perfect for your circumstances.

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