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How to Prevent Commercial HVAC Repair

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Of course, it’s never ideal to have to call a technician to your business for heating and air conditioning repair. Many commercial properties have commercial HVAC units that are located outdoors on the rooftop or heating systems that are in hidden areas of the building, so a technician should be able to avoid getting in the way of the daily operation of your business. But when the weather outside is too hot or too cold to bear with, a heating or AC breakdown can leave you without any customers or employees, costing you even more.

Take the following steps to help prevent the need for light commercial HVAC repair in Plainfield, and call DuAll Heating & Cooling to speak with a professional.

Take Any Complaints about Your Commercial Unit Seriously

You’re a busy person, and sometimes, when an employee, tenant, client, or customer complains about the temperature in the room, you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands. Often, when you hear that there is not enough heat in a room, the solution seems obvious—crank up the temperature. But if the temperature in the room doesn’t seem to be what’s displayed on the thermostat, you’re probably not doing your unit any favors by continuing to let it run.

Be sure to take any complaints about the performance of your commercial system seriously. One failing component can start a domino effect that leaves many of the other components unable to function as well. A seemingly minor heating issue can indicate major trouble inside of the unit or that a simple cleaning is in order. Catching the trouble now will be far less costly than noticing the issue after a breakdown.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

The best way to prevent repairs altogether is by scheduling light commercial HVAC maintenance every year or twice a year. During a maintenance visit, a technician will clean and adjust components of your unit that could be contributing to inefficiency. These adjustments can also help to prevent parts from breaking altogether, as can cleaning dirty parts.

Whether you want to begin a maintenance schedule for the new year or if you need light commercial HVAC repair in Plainfield, call DuAll Heating & Cooling today!

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Common Repair Problems with Commercial HVAC Systems

Friday, June 13th, 2014

The equipment for light commercial HVAC systems is more durable and sturdier than those found in homes… but that doesn’t mean they will experience any fewer repair issues. Commercial air conditioners, heaters, and packaged units must undergo much more stress than residential comfort systems, and that means they will need occasional service from trained experts.

Whenever you experience issues with your business’ heating or cooling system, contact DuAll Heating & Cooling for the service that will restore your workplace to the level of comfort your employees need and your customers/clients expect. We handle light commercial HVAC repair in Naperville, IL.

Here are a few common problems with commercial HVAC systems that our technicians encounter on the job:

Damage to the fan

The majority of commercial comfort systems are rooftop packaged units: all the components are housed in a single cabinet kept on the roof. Although the roof offers a large amount of isolation and therefore protection for the unit, it also exposes it to the elements. Debris can sometimes infiltrate the cabinet and cause damage to the large fans necessary for the heat exchange cycle. Loss of the fans will affect heating and cooling within the building and will require professional repairs.

Thermostat troubles

Even light commercial HVAC systems can use a complex series of thermostats and controls, far more intricate than those found in homes. Businesses frequently have zone control systems set up to allow different temperatures in different parts of the workplace, and errors with the thermostats can cause zones to lose conditioned air. It takes experienced commercial repair technicians to track down and figure out thermostat problems.

Insufficient heating/cooling

If air is blowing out of the vents, but it isn’t the expected temperature (room temperature instead of cooling or heating), you’ll soon start to hear complaints about it. The trouble may be in the thermostat, but it’s more likely a problem within the rooftop unit, such as a leak in refrigerant. If the rooftop unit is a heat pump, the problem could be a broken reversing valve, which will prevent the system changing form one mode to another.

The right time to call for commercial HVAC repair in Naperville, IL is immediately.  Our NATE-certified light commercial HVAC specialists are ready 24 hours a day to help keep your business at the right temperature.

As soon as you notice a change in temperature, hear loud sounds from the ductwork, or detect a drop in airflow from the vents, contact DuAll Heating & Cooling.

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