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Get Ahead of the Heating Season with Annual Maintenance

It’s still pretty warm outside, but as residents of Bolingbrook ourselves, we know the cool air of fall is just around the corner. It’s no fun finding out on that first chilly day when you turn on your heating system that something is wrong. But we can help you get ahead of that scenario by performing annual heating maintenance this fall. All you have to do is give our experts a call and we’ll schedule you a maintenance appointment at your earliest convenience.

How Maintenance Gets Your Heater Ahead

There are three main objectives to every heating maintenance appointment:

  • Resolve last season’s wear and tear to the system
  • Make sure your heater is ready to work well for this season
  • Help prevent potential repairs down the road

The first objective is achieved by cleaning all the components of your system in order to remove dirt, dust and grime, which can impede your system. We’ll also change your air filter so that air flow won’t be restricted by a dirty one. The second objective is achieved by lubricating all the moving parts in your heating system, checking electrical connections, the refrigerant level if you have a heat pump, and conducting performance testing. The third objective, preventing potential repairs, is achieved by a thorough inspection of your heating system and taking care of small issues like frayed wiring that can become a much bigger problem down the road. We also check the burner for a combustion system, as well as the flue.

Go with the Ideal Time of Year

We are at that great time of year where it’s warm enough during the day to enjoy the sun but cool enough at night to need a blanket. But it is a fleeting season, so let the experts at DuAll Heating & Cooling get you ready for the next one.

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