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Gas or Electric: Which Furnace Is Right for Me?

Has your existing heater broken down on you completely? Have you come to realize that your current heater just doesn’t have another season of reliable, effective performance left in it? Whatever the case may be, now is definitely the time to get your new heater installed. With temperatures already as cold as they are, you cannot wait until they drop any further.

Of course, you also cannot afford to rush into anything when it comes to choosing your new heater. Whether replacing an old one or having a new system installed in a brand new home, choosing your heater carefully is a top priority. Here are some tips to help you choose between a gas or electric furnace in Bolingbrook, IL.

How Do I Choose?

The furnace remains among the most popular of all home heating systems. It’s not difficult to understand why. Forced air heating allows for prompt warmth, furnaces are quite affordable, and they can operate very efficiently when properly sized maintained regularly. Once you’ve decided to use a furnace, though, you must choose between a gas or electric model. That is when the decision-making process gets a bit more complicated.

For many, natural gas is the obvious choice. For a fossil fuel, it is quite clean-burning. It is also very convenient, as it is piped directly to the furnace, and any other gas-burning systems in the home. It is also much more affordable than oil or electricity.

Not every homeowner has access to natural gas, while others may simply not want to pipe a combustible fuel into their homes. Electricity can certainly be a good option in such situations. In fact, electric furnaces are incredibly efficient, because they don’t lose any heat to flue gasses. However, the cost of electricity is high enough that, efficiency aside, it will still usually cost more to heat one’s home with electricity than gas.

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