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When Was Your Dryer Vent Last Cleaned?

If you have no idea what we’re talking about after reading the title of this post, it’s a good idea to pick up the phone and to schedule dryer vent cleaning in Bolingbrook, IL with a member of our team right away. This is a service that is often overlooked, and with sometimes dire consequences. Let us clean out your dryer vent, so that you don’t face those consequences.

The National Fire Prevention Association reported in 2012 that “In 2010, an estimated 16,800 reported U.S. non-confined or confined home structure fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines (including combination washer/dryers) resulted in 51 civilian deaths, 380 civilian injuries, and $236 million in direct property damage”. How does this happen?

Your dryer vent leads outside, and is responsible for venting heat and any exhaust gases generated during the drying of your clothes. While most homeowners understand how important it is to remove the lint from the lint trap in their dryers, they fail to realize how important it is to have any lint built up in the dryer vent removed by a trained professional.

Lint is highly flammable, and can be ignited by nothing more than the heat generated by the clothes dryer. If your dryer vent is clogged up, heat gets trapped in the system, and that can fuel a fire in the vent assembly. This is the worst case scenario, but it is not the only way in which a dirty dryer vent can work against you.

If your dryer vent is clogged up, it is going to be harder to vent the moist, hot air out of your dryer. That will cause the clothes in that dryer to retain moisture for longer, and your dryer will take longer to do its job. That can lead to an increase in energy consumption and, as a result, energy costs.

Schedule your dryer vent cleaning with DuAll Heating & Cooling.

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