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The Benefits of Regular Commercial AC Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning systems keep clients, customers, tenants, and employees content. Of course, you know to call for repairs as soon as you notice problems with your AC so that you don’t receive any complaints from the people in your building. But if you don’t schedule regular commercial HVAC maintenance with a commercial specialist, you may need repairs sooner than you think.

Commercial HVAC maintenance benefits your business in many ways, increasing the energy-efficiency of your unit, ensuring high performance, and reducing the need for repairs throughout the year. Here are some of the services covered with annual maintenance and how your commercial property benefits.

Clean and Adjust Components

One way technicians keep your commercial AC system running efficiently is by cleaning the coils and removing debris whenever necessary. The evaporator and condenser coils are responsible for removing heat from your home and releasing it outdoors. If these are dirty, you may have limited cooling, causing your system to work harder than it needs to, and you may eventually feel no cool air at all.

Additionally, a technician will look at the refrigerant levels to see if they require any adjustment. Low refrigerant significantly reduces the cooling power of your system and may cause the compressor to fail. The technician may also add lubrication to the motors and adjust any bent parts such as the condenser fins.

Inspect Your System

Furthermore, a commercial specialist will inspect your system for any damages that may require attention. This way, you can schedule repairs as soon as possible so you won’t run into sudden problems later on.

However, if you don’t choose a commercial specialist experienced with large commercial systems, the technician may be unfamiliar with the layout of your packaged system. Residential technicians may not know the proper refrigerant level required for larger systems, or they may skip over crucial components during inspection.  Our technicians are experienced with larger packaged systems and can help your system cool your commercial property efficiently for years to come!

Don’t trust your commercial HVAC maintenance needs to just any technician. Contact the experts at DuAll Heating & Cooling for commercial HVAC maintenance in Naperville.

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