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Reasons to Replace Your Current Zone Control System

If you have a zone control system in your home that can regulate the temperature in separate rooms, you probably wonder how you ever got along without it before. Thanks to zone control, you can heat and cool a home exactly as you like it, and don’t need to expend excess energy for rooms that no one is using. The individual zone controls permit people in the house to adjust local temperatures to fit their personal needs, and rooms can have temperatures set to suit their purpose.

A zone control system can age and wear down like any other electro-mechanical system, or it might become obsolete and no longer match your requirement. Here are some reasons you may need to call DuAll Heating & Cooling and speak to our installers about new zone systems in Naperville, IL and how you can benefit.

Why you might want to replace the zone control system in your home

  • To upgrade the thermostats: Zone controls work through a network of thermostats that control the individual zone dampers and then hook into a central control panel. If you have older, non-programmable digital thermostats, you should consider upgrading them. This won’t involve tearing out the dampers in the ductwork, so the job is not an intrusive or difficult one for specialists. They will create a new zone network that will give you superior control and energy savings.
  • Uneven temperatures: A zone control system that has aged too much will begin to lose its ability to regulate air in the ductwork. Old dampers will become stuck in open or closed positon, or they will lose their sealing. This will lead to rooms that shouldn’t be receiving heating or cooling to start to receive it anyway, and other rooms may have problems shutting down the unwanted temperatures reaching them. Although targeted repairs can fix individual dampers, you should have a new system put in if the problem becomes chronic and occurs throughout the house.
  • A new HVAC system: If you are making an upgrade to a new, high-efficiency heater or air conditioner, your current zone control system may not be up to the challenge, and could interfere with the efficiency of the system. Check with your HVAC installers to find out how best to keep your zone control current and if a replacement of the dampers and the thermostats to take advantage of new technology is the optimal choice.

Contact DuAll Heating & Cooling for all your needs for zone systems in Naperville, IL. We install, replace, and repair zone controls, as well as offer a wide range of air conditioners and heaters to take care of your comfort needs.

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