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Why Is My AC Making Weird Noises?

Assuming that you value the work that your air conditioner does in order to cool your home effectively and reliably, we strongly recommend that you contact us the moment that you have any reason to believe that your system is in trouble.

Ignoring problems of any kind with your air conditioner is only going to give those problems the time that they need to get worse and to potentially do real damage to your system. Even strange noises, which may not seem that serious, can indicate that there is trouble afoot. Read on, and remember to schedule your AC services in Bolingbrook, IL with our team.

Loud banging sounds are among the obvious noises that will give you cause for concern when running your air conditioner. You could have a bent fan blade, causing the fan to thump against the cabinet as it rotates. You may also have have another component that has worked itself loose and which is banging against other components, further increasing the risk of serious damages.

Should you hear a hissing sound when your air conditioner is running, don’t go running yourself out of fear. There’s probably not a snake on your trail, but it is very possible that you have a refrigerant leak in your system. That’s right, the sound of refrigerant leaking out of your system may manifest as hissing. If you’re indoors, you may also be able to hear air leaking out of your ductwork as hissing, too.

Screeching sounds should also give you cause for concern. Your air conditioner has a lot of different moving parts in the system. If your AC is not properly lubricated, the friction that its moving parts suffer could result in this screeching sound. You could also just have a slipped fan belt, of course. Whatever the situation may be, we’ll get to the bottom of the problem and will resolve it successfully.

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