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Why Does My AC Keep Making a Rattling Sound?

Your AC system has a lot of moving parts that can break down and cause problems for your home’s comfort. Often, your air conditioning system will start to make a new noise when it needs service. Rattling is a common issue that we get called to fix and we wanted to share some of the likely causes for this problem.

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Naperville, IL AC Services: AC Making Rattling Noises

If your AC is rattling, call us here at DuAll Heating and Cooling for Naperville, IL AC services. Here are a few of the possible causes:

  • Fan cage – Your air conditioning system has two fans: one inside and one outside. The cages around them protect you and also protect the fan from any injury or damage. But if the cage becomes damaged, it can rub against the fan and cause a rattling noise. If this is the case, make sure that you turn off your AC right away in order to avoid bending your fan’s blades.
  • Motor – The actual fan motor can become damaged and start to make a grinding or rattling noise. Sometimes it’s just that the motor needs to be lubricated or the bearings replaced.
  • Debris – If any branches or twigs get into your air conditioning fan it can cause it to rattle against the blades. This can also cause damage to your fan blades which could require that you replace them.
  • Loose parts – Your air conditioning system has a lot of moving parts it in that can come loose and start rattling. The only problem is that to find the loose part you will have to take off the panel for your air conditioning system and poke around inside. Doing that is usually unadvisable and should only be done by a professional air conditioning contractor.

We know that when your air conditioning system starts to make any new noises that it can be extremely frustrating, and even uncomfortable when guests are around. That’s why we work so hard to respond quickly and provide you with the quality of service that you deserve.

If you need any Naperville, IL AC services just call the specialists at DuAll Heating & Cooling.

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