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Air Conditioning Tip: Types of Repairs Ductless Mini Splits Might Need

A ductless mini split air conditioning system is no different from a traditional central air conditioner in many ways. The types of repairs you might face during routine operation of your air conditioner are a prime example as any number of issues might develop that you need to deal with. Here are a few and how you should handle them.

Clogged Filters

Each of your satellite units and the outdoor condenser has a filter in it that needs to be cleaned or changed on a regular basis. If any of them gets clogged it can lead to that unit freezing over due to blocked air flow. Freeze ups are not as common in ductless systems but can happen and the result is messy and uncomfortable.

Inoperable Satellite Unit

A ductless system has more components than a traditional central air system. If you have multiple satellite units inside, you can have between 3 and 9 total devices that need to be serviced. So, a single satellite unit is just as important as any other. If one stops working for any reason, it’s possible that it is a standalone problem, but it could also be a systemic problem so the entire system should be inspected. Contact DuAll Heating & Cooling to schedule an inspection today. Our cooling experts have been a trusted provider of air conditioning services in Bolingbrook for over 20 years.

Electrical Issues

If your ductless mini split system starts short cycling, the cooling is suddenly inefficient or you hear any strange buzzing or smell burning wiring from the condenser, you should have a professional inspect your entire system immediately. Circuit breaker flips are also a problem if they occur repeatedly.

Refrigeration Line Problems

Each indoor unit has a refrigeration line stretching back to the condenser. While these lines are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are usually protected during installation, damage can occur. If you notice or suspect damage to any refrigerant lines, turn off your system and call for professional service immediately.

Call DuAll Heating & Cooling today, our Bolingbrook air conditioning technicians are experts in air conditioning installation and repair.

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