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Air Conditioning Question: Reasons My AC is Not Cooling Well

If your air conditioner is not working properly, there are a number of possible things that might be the root of the problem. Today we are going to take a look at some of these possible issues and what you can do about them, or if they are severe enough, when you should call a Naperville Air Conditioning professional for an inspection.

*  Thermostat – The thermostat could be set too high or it could simply be improperly set. Check the setting first and then lower it to a temperature well below what you need, such as 65 degrees. If the system still does not turn on or cool properly, it is likely an issue with the air conditioner.

*  Dirty Evaporator Coils – Next, check your evaporator coils. If they become too dirty or have debris on or around them, this can keep the refrigerant from cooling properly and cause problems with your air conditioner’s efficiency.

*  Undersized Unit – If your system never quite cooled your home properly, it may be undersized. A load calculation can determine if this is the case.

*  Blocked Condenser Unit – Check outside to determine if any debris or other things have built up around your condenser. Blocked air flow or vents can cause a number of problems, including reduced cooling in your home.

*  Bad Compressor – While this is hopefully the last possibility, it is still possible. A bad compressor can lead to a slew of issues and eventually your system will simply stop working. If you have checked everything else and cannot find the problem, call a technician to inspect your condenser unit and compressor.

*  Low Refrigerant – If refrigerant gets low, often your system will stop cooling at all. There is likely a leak somewhere that should be inspected before the system is turned back on again. Only a professional should ever recharge or repair a refrigerant leak.

If any of these problems occurs and you are unsure what to do next, make sure you call a professional that has been fully trained in identifying and responding to such issues. The fastest and most effective way to ensure your home’s air conditioner gets back up and running properly is to call in a pro.

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