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Fighting Over the Thermostat? Consider Zone Control!

If you have a forced air system that provides your home with heat during the winter, you know how hard it can be to make everyone in your home happy with a single thermostat. This is especially true if you have special architectural features in your home, such as vaulted ceilings or floor-to-ceiling windows. Why not win the war with a zone control system, installed by the experts at DuAll Heating & Cooling?

What Is Zone Control?

One of the reasons a zone control system is so effective at eliminating the battle over the thermostat is that the system divides your home into zones. You work with your DuAll Heating & Cooling technician to determine what the zones should be. They can consist of individual rooms, a group of rooms, a floor of your home, etc. Once the zones are determined, our expert will install motorized dampers into the supply side of your ductwork to physically delineate those zones and equip them with the mechanics each zone will need to have customized heat. The dampers are connected to a main control panel, in addition to each zone’s thermostat. The main control panel opens and closes the motorized dampers as needed to achieve and maintain the temperature set in each zone.

You Can Even Turn off Your Heating

With regular ductwork, you can’t just close or block off a register to save on heat. This is because any kind of blockage like that imbalances the air in your ductwork system. This is not the case with a zone control system. If there is a zone in your home that isn’t in use, you can turn off the heat and it won’t affect the ductwork system. This is because the main control panel will create a balance with the other motorized dampers.

Ready to see what a zone control system can do for your home Bolingbrook? Call us today!

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