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Welcome to Spring!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Spring. Not that it feels like it (at least not at the time of this writing). So, now that Winter is “officially” over, we can look back and see how it compared to the national weather service forecast. What do you know, they were pretty darn accurate. In a nutshell, they said that we were going to be on the borders of the weather all winter long and that when we had cold, we would have a string of days with it below normal, and when warm, we’d have a string of days above normal. Seems like we got the cold early, and then it pretty much stayed normal or above the rest of the season. And tho we did not get any record setting snow this year, we did get at least one good stretch of snow that accumulated to about 18” within a few days. And that’s when the wife and I took our first real vacation in about 20 years. We went on a short 3 day cruise to the Bahamas and what a great time we had. That water is just as clear as anything you could imagine and with the sand bottom, it was just so bright and turquoise. Then it took me 10 days to lose the weight I gained in 3 days. Oh, well. Definitely worth it.

Before we left on vacation, we became certified with the Illinois Commerce Commission. This is now required for any company who is installing 16 SEER or higher, for the homeowner to get their rebates. So, if your AC breaks down and you need it replaced, you can rest assured that DuAll can get it done right, and we can offer you instant rebates on qualified equipment. Please remember to changer your filters often, but especially before the air conditioning season starts. And if you are having a big event at your home this year (like a graduation party, wedding, etc) please have the AC system checked BEFORE it gets too hot. It will be well worth it to avoid the possibility of it breaking down that day. Did you ever notice that an air conditioner only breaks down on really hot days? Or when you have a house full of people!

We are on a big push to get reviews so we can let the world (or at least our little corner of it) know how good DuAll Heating & Cooling is. And we have made it EXTREMELY easy for anyone who wants to review us. Just go here: and you can leave a review in just a minute or so. No need to log onto anything. But we will have links if you are so inclined to leave a review on any of the major sites, such as Google, Yelp, Angies list, etc. We will be asking for reviews every time we see you. Apparently this is VERY important for us and we certainly appreciate any and all reviews we get.

With the steel and aluminum tariffs, we have been told to be prepared for a major hike in the price of heating and cooling equipment. That has not happened yet, but if you are trying to make a decision about whether or not to replace your AC this year, that information may help you make your decision. That along with the ever rising cost of Freon (R22) over $100/lb.

I know that  it is Spring and I should be talking baseball, but I’m just so excited about all the changes happening at Hallas Hall. Looks like the Bears might not be the bottom dwellers we’ve (unfortunately) gotten used to. A very exciting new coach, with some new assistants, experienced wide receivers that are both big and fast, and a quite talented tight end who can block AND catch. Improving the D is still a priority and we’ve even gotten a proven kicker. Can’t wait till fall…………….er, maybe I can enjoy spring and summer first.


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