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Why You Should Install a Humidifier for Your Home

Most people are aware that excessive humidity can be a problem, but did you know that too little humidity can be equally problematic? Making homes energy efficient is a good thing, but sometimes a home can be so air-tight that it reduces the indoor moisture levels too much. A great way to counteract this problem is to install a whole-home humidifier. Humidifiers help balance the indoor moisture levels, improving the indoor air quality of your Bolingbrook home. However, to gain the benefits of any upgrade to your air conditioner, it’s important to hire trained professionals for the installation – this is where Duall Heating & Cooling can help.

Problems Caused by Low Humidity

Low humidity can cause the following kinds of problems:

  • Health – low humidity levels dry out your skin and mucous membranes, causing rashes, skin irritations, nose bleeds, sore throats and lower immunity to germs.
  • Damage to woodwork – too little humidity can dry out and splinter wood, so anything in your home made of wood, including furniture pieces, trim, and baseboards, can splinter and shrink.
  • Peeling paint and drywall – when paint becomes too dry due to low humidity, it can chip and peel.
  • Feeling cold – dry air sucks up humidity, and humidity holds heat. This can make your heating season challenging as your indoor air won’t hold the extra heat it needs to help keep your home feeling comfortable.

Proper Humidity Levels

Proper indoor humidity levels vary somewhat depending on the season. During the summer, humidity levels over 60% start to feel uncomfortable and can cause problems; during winter, the ideal humidity level is in the 25-40% range.

Benefits of Installing a Humidifier

Adding a whole-home humidifier to your existing HVAC system can help keep you healthy and prevent damage to woodwork and home furnishings. More importantly, it can help you feel warmer in the winter. According to the EPA, you can save as much as 3% on your heating bill for every degree that you turn down your thermostat in winter.

If you see the signs of excessively low humidity in your home, it may be time to improve your indoor air quality with a humidifier.

Call DuAll Heating & Cooling today and speak to one of our experts about our whole-home humidifier solutions and related products.

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