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Why Use an ERV in My Home?

family-enjoying-their-comfortThere are many great heating systems on the market today, and homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to manufacturer, make, and model. The ability to heat your home successfully is certainly not out of grasp. The problem that many homeowners struggle with is how to heat their homes effectively while also doing so efficiently, and without putting their indoor air quality on the chopping block.

It may sound like a tough balancing act, but there is a single piece of equipment that allows you to achieve this seemingly lofty goal. Give us a call and have an energy recovery ventilator installed in your home. With an ERV in Bolingbrook, IL, your indoor air quality is protected, along with your budget and your comfort. Sound too good to be true? Well, we’re happy to explain how it’s possible. 

What Does an Energy Recovery Ventilator Do?

During the summer season, you are running your air conditioner throughout the day in order to keep your home cool and comfortable. This can dry out the air, and recirculating the same stale air throughout the house over and over is going to negatively affect its quality as well. During the winter, you run your heater all of the time, and do everything that you can to keep the heat that you’ve paid for inside your home.

Because energy efficiency is such a top priority for homeowners these days, they tend to seal up their homes as tightly as possible to limit unwanted heat transfer. While insulating your home and sealing up air leaks are definitely effective ways in which to protect energy efficiency, such measures also eliminate much of the natural ventilation necessary to keep the air in your home fresh.

This is where the energy recovery ventilator comes into play. An ERV is basically just a mechanical ventilator with a heat exchanger in it. While something like an exhaust fan would simply vent air out of your home, though, an ERV does so while also recovering the energy that you’ve used to heat or cool that air. It accomplishes this by exchanging heat between the incoming and outgoing air streams.

In the winter, the warm but stale air exiting your home preheats the fresh but cold air coming in. In the summer, the outgoing cool air removes heat from the fresh but hot air entering the house. Preconditioning the air in this fashion recovers your energy investment and reduces further strain on your HVAC systems. Humidity is balanced as well, to further help the indoor air quality in your home.

Benefits of Using an Energy Recovery Ventilator

Let’s break down the benefits of using an ERV. It’s a lot of information to take in, but it’s plain to see that an ERV can help you to get the best of the environment in your home.

  • Keep the air in your home fresh.
  • Do so while cutting down on energy costs.
  • Reduce strain on your heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Maintain more healthful humidity levels.
  • Use the system all year long.

If you are ready to breathe better air while living more comfortably in your home, all while keeping more money in your pocket, contact DuAll Heating & Cooling for great ERV services.

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