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Start Summer Off with Clean Ductwork!

Now that we’re rapidly moving closer and closer to the summer season, you are probably giving your air conditioner more and more consideration. We hope that you’ve got a reliable system in place, and that your air conditioner is tuned up and ready for action. Remember, though, that your air distribution system is just as important as the mechanical components in your air conditioner itself. If your ductwork is dirty within, then you are going to encounter a few undesirable issues this summer. Consider the following information, and remember that our professionals are here to complete your duct cleaning services in Bolingbrook, IL.

Air Quality, Efficiency, and Comfort

Believe it or not, dirty ductwork can negatively affect all of the above. It may not sound like a very serious issue—after all, it’s not as though you can even see into your ductwork—but dirty air ducts can cause a number of different problems. Professional cleaning is really the only way to resolve them.

When your ductwork is dirty within, it is likely that your air filter is going to clog up more quickly and more severely than it otherwise would. This can lead to excessive airflow resistance within your HVAC system, leaving your system to work harder in order to distribute conditioned air throughout your home effectively. This can actually leave you to pay more for a lesser cooling experience.

Additionally, your ductwork may be responsible for distributing pollutants throughout your entire household. If these pollutants within your ducts are dislodged beyond the filtration point, there will be nothing between the air that you breathe and the pollutants themselves. If you notice declining efficiency and indoor air quality in your home, dial our number to have your air ducts successfully cleaned.

DuAll Heating & Cooling is committed to your comfort.

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