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How Do Energy Recovery Ventilators Work?

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is a home comfort and efficiency innovation that helps you circumvent a serious problem that many houses face today. Because of the heavy heat and air sealing on modern buildings to protect their energy efficiency (excess heat cannot enter in the summer, and cannot escape in the winter), very little fresh air circulates through the indoor ventilation system. This leads to stale and contaminated indoor air that runs through the ductwork gathering dust, dirt, debris, and other pollutants that can affect your health.

By installing one of the energy recovery ventilators in Bolingbrook, IL available from DuAll Heating & Cooling, you can bring fresh air into your home without losing or gaining heat; in fact, you will conserve power and “recover” energy that would otherwise be lost. To find out how our technicians can set up an ERV in your home today, call our expert staff. They can answer all your questions about ERVs and other indoor air quality appliances.

The operation of an energy recovery ventilators

An ERV brings in fresh air through and outside vent and into the ventilation system attached to your heater/air conditioner. Then, through a process called counter-flow heat exchange, the ERV runs this outside air past the stale air from the inside of your home. Energy transfers from one to the other, and the stale air gets removed without you losing or gaining heat.

During the summer, the warm air from outside your house transfers its heat to the outgoing air from inside, cooling itself down in the process and making your air conditioner need to work less to lower its temperature. During the winter, the warm indoor air transfers its heat to the cold incoming outdoor air, and your heater will need to work less. Before reaching the indoors, the air from outside runs through a filter to remove any particles that might have come in with it.

A properly installed ERV will recover 85% of the energy of the outgoing air, and so not only will you have fresh air brought into your home and better health, you’ll also save money on your utility bills each month.

We must emphasize “properly installed.” You cannot select and put in an ERV yourself; it requires the work of indoor air quality professionals with experience working with air conditioners, heaters, and ventilation systems. You’ll find the necessary skills at DuAll Heating & Cooling.

Our NATE-certified technicians handle installation of energy recovery ventilators in Bolingbrook, IL and many other ways to improve your home’s air and energy efficiency.

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