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How Can an Energy Recovery Ventilator Help My Cooling This Summer?

As technology continues to improve home products like insulation, windows and doors, our homes become more air-tight than ever. While this is good for energy efficiency, it actually creates a new problem: that of good ventilation. Throwing open a window isn’t a good solution for this, particularly during the height of summer heat, so what can you do? Consider installing an energy recovery ventilator.

What Is It?

An energy recovery ventilator, also known as an ERV, brings fresh air into your home, but it does much more than that; it also pre-treats the incoming fresh air so that it helps your air conditioning system while providing the fresh air. During the summer months, the ERV expels your used, cool air to the outside while at the same time drawing in fresh, warm, moist air from the outside. In the core of the ERV, two things happen: first, the energy from the cool air is applied to the incoming fresh air, pre-cooling it and dehumidifying it; then the outgoing air is fully expelled while the newly pre-treated air enters your air conditioning system. An ERV works in the winter months, too, by pre-treating the incoming cool, dry air with the warm, moist outgoing air.

How Does an ERV Help My AC?

  • Improves energy efficiency – with an ERV, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home, thereby using less energy.
  • Lightens your system’s workload –the pre-cooling process of the air means your AC doesn’t have to generate as much cool air, which lightens the system’s overall workload.
  • Reduces wear and tear levels – with less work to do, an ERV helps lower the amount of wear and tear your AC accumulates.

Interested to see what an ERV can do for your home in Bolingbrook, IL? Then call the experts at DuAll Heating & Cooling and schedule an appointment with one of our professionals!

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