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How an Energy Recovery Ventilator can Benefit You

We live in an area that can be quite hot in the summer season, and also unrelentingly cold in the winter. That means that you are going to have to use your home heating system to warm your home in the winter, and your AC to cool it down in the summer. That also means that you’ll be paying to do so, and that you’ll want to enjoy the best energy efficiency possible.

The issue with this is that modern homes are sealed up so tightly, in order to protect energy efficiency, that they put indoor air quality at risk. When you have an energy recovery ventilator in Bolingbrook, IL, though, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Read on to learn more.

What Does an ERV Do?

Essentially, an ERV simply allows for sufficient ventilation in one’s home while using a heat transfer process in order to conserve energy in the process. During the winter season, for instance, when you are running your home heating system to stay warm, the ERV will vent old, stale air out, while bringing in air from outside. That fresh air is going to be cold, of course, but the outgoing air is actually used in order to warm it up before it even enters your house. That means that some of the strain is taken off of your heating system. Plus, the ERV will balance humidity levels to further boost comfort.

In the winter, the energy recovery ventilator will vent cool, but stale and dry, air out of your home. This outgoing air absorbs much of the heat in the incoming air, making the cooling process easier for your AC while also preventing the energy that you’ve already used in cooling that air from going to waste. Call now to learn more.

DuAll Heating & Cooling will help you to enjoy higher indoor air quality.

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