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When Should I Schedule Heating Repairs?

The simple answer to the question posed in the title of this blog is “as soon as possible”. However, scheduling prompt heating repairs in Bolingbrook, IL is not really something that you can do if you don’t have the information that you need. If you don’t want to wait for your system to break down entirely before having it repaired — and why would you? — you need to learn the signs that heating repair is necessary.

Strange sounds coming from your heater are a very good indicator that all is not well with the system. Different sounds may mean different things, of course, so a good rule is to treat any unusual sound as a potential warning sign. Screeching and grinding may mean a damaged blower wheel, or it could simply be a result of insufficient lubrication. Is your boiler rumbling? You could be heating water more than you should be due to a faulty limit switch, or a layer of scale may have developed at the bottom of the tank. Only a trained professional can determine with certainty the precise nature of the problem.

Unusual odors may also mean that repairs are necessary. This is absolutely a serious issue if you smell gas in your home. If your heater is leaking gas, you are in a dangerous situation and should exit the house immediately. Contact the appropriate authorities. Should the problem lie with the heater, we can handle the repairs. You may also notice a burning plastic odor, which could result from overheating wiring. This too can create a hazardous situation, so contact us immediately.

A drop in heating output is another sign that your heater is struggling for some reason. Shy of a full breakdown, cool air blowing out of your vents is probably the most obvious sign that something is wrong. If you have cool air blowing out of one vent or all of them, let us get on the case right away.

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