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What Happens During a Boiler Installation?

Boilers are fantastic choices for home heating: they have long service lives, run quietly, provide even heating without using ducts, and offer excellent energy savings. For a winter in Illinois, a boiler will more than serve your comfort needs.

Our customers who have scheduled a boiler installation in Plainfield, IL often ask us what installation entails. They are usually concerned about how long it will take, and what other details they should be prepared for. We’ll go over what you can expect to happen during the installation. Make sure that when you have your boiler installed that you rely on experts to handle the task.

DuAll Heating & Cooling will only send NATE-certified technicians to take care of this work, so you know you will receive a quality installation.

Boiler installation: the basics

Boiler installation usually takes less than a day. There’s no hard and fast rule about this: it depends on how long it takes to remove your former heating system and then hook up the boiler. If you are replacing an older boiler, the work should go smoothly and be finished before you know it.

Removing your previous heating system is usually the most arduous part of boiler installation. Once it’s done, the installation will move at a brisk (but never hurried) pace. If you hired the installers early in the process of choosing a boiler—which you should absolutely do—then they will already have the proper-sized boiler tank ready to install. The installers will fix the new boiler tank in place and then hook it up to the pipes that go to the baseboard heaters and/or radiators throughout your house. They will take care of any pipe reconfiguring needed to accommodate the new system so there will be no issues with water circulation.

The installers will connect the new boiler to your gas line (if you are having a natural gas boiler installed); they will take particular care with this part, since it involves your safety. They will test the gas pressure and make certain there are no leaks. They will then use a combustion analyzer to set up the burners. For other types of boilers, they will make sure the power is properly connected so the boiler performs to your expectations. The installers won’t leave your home until they have ascertained that your new boiler is working effectively, safely, and within local codes.

Hopefully now you can see why you need a boiler professionally installed

The process sounds complicated… and it is. That’s why you should only hire experienced professionals, like those at DuAll Heating & Cooling, to take care of your boiler installation in Plainfield, IL. We have worked at installing boilers for years, and we can make your installation fast and with as few problems as possible.

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