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What Could Possibly Go Wrong with My Furnace?

Today’s manufacturers of furnaces design them to meet stringent performance and safety standards. Compared to the furnaces of only 20 years ago, contemporary models have increased service lifespans and excellent energy efficiency.

However, no machine can work perfectly, so the electric or gas furnace in your home can still suffer from malfunctions and breakdowns that will require you call up a skilled technician. For excellent furnace repair in Naperville, IL, you’ll need the assistance of NATE-certified technicians like those on staff at DuAll Heating & Cooling.

Here are a few problems you may encounter with your furnace.

With proper maintenance and prompt repairs, you should have no difficulty overcoming these.

  • Broken blower motor fan belt: All furnaces use forced air sent through ducts to provide warmth. This requires powerful motors attached to fans. If the fan belt develops cracks and starts to loosen, it not only threatens the performance of the fan, it will damage other components in the cabinet. A loud clacking sound from the inside of the cabinet can indicate the need to replace the fan belt.
  • Failed heating elements: Electric-powered furnaces contain an array of heating elements that contain electric coils that heat up when current passes through them. The more heat the thermostat requests, the more elements turn off. An individual heating element can fail (losing its connection, burning out), which will mean a reduction in heating power. The element will need replacement.
  • Pilot light won’t come on: For gas-powered furnaces, a pilot light is the common way to light the burners in the combustion chamber. The pilot light can go out because of a strong draft, in which case it’s usually a simple task to re-light it. However, it may also go out because of loss of pressure in the gas line or from a dirt build-up along the burner, in which case you’ll need the assistance of HVAC specialists to fix the problem. Electric furnaces and some gas furnaces use an electric igniter instead of a pilot light, and these can also malfunction.
  • Cracks in the heat exchangers: The heat exchangers in a gas furnace transfer the high temperature combustion gas into the air. If cracks develop along the exchanger because of long use without maintenance, it can lead to a lead of toxic exhaust gasses—a serious health concern. If you notice black build-up on the furnaces internal components, rust, or an abnormal pilot light flame, shut off the gas to the furnace and contact a technician immediately.

Keep in mind that with regular maintenance—a yearly visit from an HVAC specialists to tune-up and clean your furnace—you should rarely run into any of the issues above. If you sign up for the Maintenance Savings Plan with DuAll Heating & Cooling, you’ll receive regular care, plus discounts on parts and any furnace repair work in Naperville, IL you need.

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