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Simple Tips for More Efficient Heating

We don’t often advocate DIY projects on this blog, and we must remind you that any service dealing directly with your HVAC system must be completed by trained professionals. That being said, with the specter of the heating season looming large, you’ll understandably want to ensure that you are heating your home efficiently. There are a few ways in which to go about doing so, and some of them you can handle on your own. Read on, and dial our number if you need any heating services in Bolingbrook, IL.

Hang Energy-Efficient Curtains

If you are worried about cold windows leeching the heat out of your home, then hanging energy-efficient curtains is a great way in which to keep that heat right where you want it. This is a great chance to meld fashion with function, too. As the demand for energy efficiency has gone up, more and more manufacturers have devoted themselves to meeting homeowners needs.

Wrap Your Windows

If you’re not interested in spending money on new energy efficient curtains, you can wrap your windows to seal in heat instead. Some do-it-yourselfers may use plastic sheeting and other similar materials, but we recommend that you head to the hardware store and by a window wrapping kit. Measure your windows carefully, cut the sheeting down to size, and you’ll have more efficient windows with a just a bit of elbow grease. Many products shrink to fit the window after hanging with the use of a basic hairdryer. (FYI, homeowners with cats will need a plan to prevent the shredding of the plastic coverings.)

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

We all know that ceiling fans are there to help keep your home comfortable in the summer. However, they can play a huge role in doing the same during the winter season, as well. There is (almost certainly) a switch on your ceiling fan that allows you to reverse the direction in which its blades rotate. Make sure the blades are spinning clockwise, and they’ll help to force heated air back down into your living space.

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