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How to Tell if You Need an Emergency Heating Repair

Nobody ever wants to make an emergency call, no matter what the emergency is. But it’s necessary to have emergency services available to us for the important part of our lives. In Illinois, having your heater working during the winter is crucial for your comfort and your safety—so you need to have a repair service that can deliver 24/7 assistance. Call DuAll Heating & Cooling when you need service fast, any time of the day or night.

Here are a couple of warning signs to heed that tell you it’s time for emergency heating repair in Naperville, IL.

Warning Signs You Need Emergency Repairs

  • The heater will not come on: This is the big one—a possible full breakdown. Although it seems obvious that you should call for repairs when this happens, people sometimes wait to call for help because they think the issue is temporary and the heater will kick back on soon. But, even if the heater does come back on at some point, any failure indicates there is a serious flaw in the operation that will lead to more breakdowns and very inefficient, energy-draining operation.
  • The heater starts making loud, unexpected noises: You should always call for repairs when your heater makes noises that you don’t expect. But when these noises are particularly loud—such grating, grinding, and screeching—there is something amiss in the heater that needs remedy as soon as possible. Shut the heater down and call for repairs.
  • Acrid smells come from the vents: If you have a forced-air system in your home, smells from the vents are major warnings of repair needs. If you smell an acrid scent, like burning, it could indicate failing motors inside the heater’s cabinet, and you need repairs before the heater breaks down entirely.
  • Your carbon monoxide detectors go off: If you have a gas-powered heater in your home, we recommend that you have CO detectors put in your house as well to warn you of an increase of carbon monoxide (which is colorless and odorless). Should these detectors go off, leave you house and call for professionals.

Make Sure You Have a Contractor With Emergency Service

Not all heating repair contractors offer 24-hour emergency service. Since heaters rarely break down at convenient times, you’ll need a contractor ready to rush to your aid when you require with heating repair in Naperville, IL. DuAll Heating & Cooling has technicians standing by for your emergency needs, whatever they may be. We can also provide you with maintenance and installation for all types of home heaters.

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